Infinix XE22 Earbuds

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Infinix XE22 True Wireless Headsets Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Color: Black
* Powerful and Rich Bass Sound
* Long battery life
* Super-low Latency
* Comfortable and Secure Fit
* IPX4 waterproof  

Perfect for Listening, Easy to Operate Long-lasting Battery with Type-C for fast and flexible charging 36hrs battery life with charging case.

Super-fast connection. Thanks to BT 5.0 technology and dual-channel transmission, your XE22 will be instantly connected within a 10m radius.

With the XE22, playing games or watching movies is now more enjoyable than ever - thanks to a 60ms super-low latency which makes data processing a lot smoother and efficient. Also, the graphene diaphragm brings crystal-clear sound effects to your ears so you can capture every happy mo.
Super Sound the Crystal Clear Clarity You Desire Comprised of the high efficiency Φ 10mm Diaphragm, the xe22 is guaranteed to deliver a rich, powerful sound that's sure to.

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